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A woman with a headset, providing website support.Our website clients enjoy the reassurance of AzhdayaDesign’s continuous and comprehensive support. Whether you need advice on hosting and servers, technical know-how, or ideas and suggestions on how to get the most out of your website business, we are only an email away.

Aside from answering your website-related questions, we also provide consultations on optimising all aspects of your website, and developing your website platform so that it fully supports and drives your business.

Here is a brief overview of our most popular support services. As with everything else we do, these are customised and scheduled to best suit your individual requirements, so if there is anything you need but cannot find it here, just give us a call >>>.

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Website Maintenance

Keeping your code up to date is of essence if you own a Content Management System website. Code updates remove any bugs in coding, improve features to existing functionalities and keep up with latest developments in security.

The latter being of particular paramountcy, as any CMS website that does not get regular and timely security updates is at risk. Unauthorised access to your website could not only cause damage to your system, but compromise any user (customer) data stored. Updating your website will keep your company compliant with Data Protection laws and avoid unnecessary expenses of repairing and restoring your content management system.

Keep your website as secure as possible with our Website Maintenance Plan. This service is available to all the new websites built by us, plus existing Drupal, Word Press and other CMS platforms.

Get in touch with us here >>> to find out how our customised Maintenance Plan could protect your website.

SEO Performance Monitoring

If you want to improve the performance of your website (and your business), you need to know what your website is doing, what web pages are most productive and which areas need improvement. Monitoring can be particularly important if you are investing in promotional activities that rely on your website.

Our SEO Performance Monitoring service starts with a Website Consultation to enable us to identify any issues and determine what areas of the website need addressing.

Our monitoring service is two-fold: firstly, we monitor the website's general settings, links, titles, meta data, keywords, etc. This ensures that your website is appealing to the search engines, and giving the right impression.

Secondly, we analyse the flow of traffic to your site through the use of an analytics application. Most websites are registered with Google Analytics, but we work with other monitoring services too.

>>> Let us know if you have any questions regarding website performance.

Website Administration

Adding content and making changes to your website has been made easier with advancements in website technology and the advent of Content Management Systems platforms. However, you still need to know how to arrange the items on the page to best showcase your products or services, and more importantly, you need to find the time for it. This is of particular importance on dynamic websites, where daily changes take place.  

For most CMS websites we provide a Website Administration and Support Service. Tailored to suit your needs, this service may include any number of daily, weekly or monthly tasks. These tasks can range from adding the content (e.g. text, images, videos, etc.) to your site, to creating new pages, posting articles (we can write them too) or publishing promotions. With this service we usually bundle our telephone and email support to answer all your questions.

To free up your time to run your business, while keeping your website fresh and up to date, >>> get in touch with us.