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Here are some examples of websites we designed. For more information, ask us here.


"Quenchfire Ltd are extremely happy with our new website. The whole process from our initial meeting to the end product was very simple. Marija was always a friendly voice at the end of the phone when we needed some advice or technical help along the way. There were clear instructions on how to edit the site which is crucial for keeping the website fresh and up to date. I would be happy to recommend Azhdaya Design to anyone wanting to get a new website."

Director, Quenchfire Ltd


"Effective web design has to balance the needs of the business and prospective customer in terms of messaging, content and user experience as well as the overall style and feel of a site. Marija combines the necessary technical expertise – including a profound understanding of the power of Drupal – with a keen appreciation of business priorities, not least marketing, to achieve that. Marija is a committed and creative professional, who is passionate about her work and can be relied on to deliver what she promises."

Director, Silke & Co
"Marija is a very focused and dedicated designer, who takes all the client's needs into consideration when designing a website.
She has designed and built a website for my start-up business Shinar Outsourcing, to the highest standards and well within the time limits. The design is well thought out, with easy navigation and good layout that is easy to use. Moreover, it meets the needs and expectations of my target audience.
I use my website as a contact point for my clients, and to keep them up to date with a blog. I find the blog convenient and easy to use.
Marija is also always very prompt to answer my queries, and I have relied on her help and support many times since the completion of the website."
Director, Shinar Outsourcing Ltd.


"Marija designed the website for SGS Spectrum CIC. She has been extremely helpful in working with me to establish our new site, designing the overall concept and training me in the use of the content management system so that I can add and edit content myself. I would recommend Marija as I enjoyed working with her, she has a creative eye and gives a lot of attention to detail - which is so important in designing for the web."

Director, SGS Spectrum
"Dear Marija,
This is a brief testimony for the wonderful job you have done in creating the PMA Mentors website. Everyone who has seen the site, have made the same comments. The site is clean, easy to read and looks very refreshing. Your use of images along with text is also very creative.
There are further functionalities that will be an ongoing process, and I am very happy with the work you have done. I also appreciate that you did more than was expected, for which I am grateful.
I highly recommend your skills to anyone looking to develop a new website.
Kind regards,"
Executive Coach and Mentor


"Marija gave me invaluable advice and guidance about my website. Her ideas and support were really helpful and were tailored very much to my needs and budget. I heartily recommend her."

Training Consultant

Quenchfire Ltd

Design, Build & Configuration

Quenchfire Ltd are installers of fire protection systems. For the launch of their newly developed product, Halo, it was of prime importance to clearly explain how the new product works. Azhdaya Design team guided them through the website creation process, from design and build, to finding the right imagery. We finished off with a training session, putting all the power of the website firmly in Quenchfire's hands.

To find out how to harness website power for the benefit of your business, ask us here!

Silke & Co

Build & Configuration

Silke & Co provide copywriting, publishing and content consultancy services. One of the design priorities was to showcase a series of bespoke images created to convey key messages visually. We customized a slider that presents a static tiled display of the images with teaser text, revealing the full image and message only when clicked. This avoids distracting readers from the rest of the page content, while providing links for those requiring further information. The site’s CMS allows our client to add content, imagery and resources at will.

If you want to know more about the use of sliders or need one for your site, we would love to hear form you!

Shinar Outsourcing

Design, Build & Configuration

Shinar is a retail consultancy specialising in customer retention programmes and outsourcing. Its brief was to create a simple yet engaging website, with an upbeat style. Our complete website and full content package included text, appropriate imagery and a blog section that is easy for the client to update. In addition, we we created those essential social media links to help spread the word about Shinar Outsourcing services.

To find out more about any of the above services, get in touch with us.

SGS Spectrum

Design, Build & Configuration

SGS Spectrum is a community interest company that needed a brochure-style website to present its services and products on the internet. The design is based on SGS Spectrum's distinctive logo and styled with clean lines. The CMS gives SGS control over the website’s content, with features like a Blog, Comments and Forums in reserve, ready to be switched on when needed in the future. 

For more information on how you can benefit from website design contact us.

PMA Mentors

Design, Build & Configuration

PMA Mentors Network is a membership website with multiple functionalities, including different levels of access control, an automated e-mailing system and a payment gateway. Our client has the freedom to host the website on its own server and edit the content. PMA takes full advantage of the site’s standard features, such as Comments and Forums, for a dynamic and interactive experience. 

To learn more of what our CMS can do for your business, contact us.

Valentina Keller

Design Consultation

Valentina came to us for advice on her existing website, that was not performing as intended. We analysed Valentina's website for layout, usability, accessibility and proofreading and delivered a detailed report with suggestions for improvements. Implementation of the changes we proposed has resulted in an increased conversion rate. If you need help with your website's design, just click here.


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Shinar outsourcing website front page.



Shinar Outsourcing website





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